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SUN LAND s.p.a. is aware of its own role and activity and has decided to introduce and implement a new System of Mangement in conformity with the standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and UNI EN ISO 22000:2005.

Although SUN LAND s.p.a. is a leader in the production of wine grapes, we don’t bother only about the development of the activities, but also about the effects of winery on environment, supporting a correct balance among social, environmental and economic responsibility.

SUN LAND s.p.a. has achieved one of the first positions in the marketplace applying a policy for quality, environment and food security and hygiene ensuring a big engagement especially in the traceability of products, from the farmer to the buyer.

Therefore, realizing that the satisfaction of concerned shares is a fundamental prerogative to success and henceforth, SUN LAND s.p.a. undertakes to support following these objectives:

  • the compliance with laws, standards and regulations in the environmental field;
  • whenever there are modifications in the processing cycle, to control their environmental effects, make new analysis and value environmental aspects and impacts;
  • to use natural resources to decrease the environmental impact of its activities;
  • to increase the percentage and the type of separated waste searching and adopting new technical and economic solutions;
  • to control the traceability of products to ensure a safe product realization;
  • primarily ensure the compliance with regulatory requirement adaptable to wine sector, and then trace internal rules of quality and security;
  • to organize meeting and training to increase responsibility and sensivity of employees, suppliers and social partners to environmental protection;
  • to allocate human, economic and technological resources to achieve goals of products quality, environmental aspects and food security;
  • to carry out visits to its suppliers to ensure a more effective control of purchased products and raise them to increase their food security system;
  • to value the satisfaction of clients and suppliers with questionnaries of "customer satisfaction".

SUN LAND s.p.a. undertakes to regulary review its Management System to value the effectiveness, the progress and the achieve of objectives to maintain a high image of the winery, because for SUN LAND s.p.a. the certification is an important oppotunity to better and improve the trust with clients, population and social partners interested in the winery.
This policy for quality, environment and food security and hygiene was distributed to internal staff, suppliers and clients and can be required by anyone.